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New explorers
    • First parachute landing on top of Mt. Stetind - Norway 12.Oct 2014
      Rune Gjeldnes and Bjørnar Jensen became the first parachuters to land on top of Mount Stetind The top of the mountain is 1392 meters above seal level and located in the north of Norway.
    • New world record by Australian teen Ryan Campbell 09.Sep 2013
      Australian teen Ryan Campbell, 19, is the new world record holder for youngest solo flight around the world. The previous record holder was the American Jack Wiegand, 21. He completed his world circumnavigation June 29 2013.
    • It is time to book your flight to the South Pole 06.Sep 2013
      If you are planning to fly to Antarctica in the summer season of the Southern Hemisphere, it is time to start booking your flights. Some of the flights are already fully booked and the availability is, at best, modest.
      The British team who attempts to cross Antarctica during the winter with Caterpillars "train", as the first ever, is struggling with the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar). They are at the moment in the middle of a big crevasse area. (Click for more)
    • The cairn found near Lands Lokk most likely built by Peary 22.May 2013
      New information from The New Land Expedition suggest that the cairn found is not made by Otto Sverdrup after all, but is most likely built by American Explorer Robert Peary. (Click to read more).
    • Sverdrup's cairn found on Ellesmere. 15.May 2013
      New Land Expedition has found Otto Sverdrup´s cairn at Lands Lokk, Ellesmere Isl. It has been searched for, but never found before now, almost on the 111th years' day. This was the most Northern point of the 2nd Fram expedition, led by Sverdrup. Congratulation to the team.
    • Mysterious sinking of the R-12 submarine 09.May 2013
      25th May 2011, an exploration team, led by Tim Taylor aboard the expedition vessel "RV Tiburon" located and documented the wreck of the World War II submarine USS R-12. The reason for her loss still remains unknown.
    • Barneo drifting-base closing down 26.Apr 2013
      Barneo drifting-base closed down yesterday, 25th of April. It was officially opened the 3rd of April, and the first "tourists" arrived 5th of April. About 200 "tourists" have visited the camp, plus lots of scientists.
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